sunshine and street food

Formerly about my Peace Corps China days. Currently, haphazard accounts of backpacking SE Asia.

Sleepy Saturdays.

I was asked by the Party Secretary of my department to help out a friend’s daughter who would be traveling to England in June for a master’s program. She wanted an opportunity to improve her English, so she started coming to one of my Oral English classes and my office hours every week.

Starry is her English name. She is lovely, so naturally we became friends. This Saturday, we planned to go hiking but the rainy weather foiled our plans. The alternative was relaxing and beautiful. We walked to Green Cloud Lake, as pictured above. This is the perfect place to visit in a gray day, as the green environment causes everything to glow in a greenish hue.

We scoped out this amazing floating restaurant and indulged in a sour, spicy hotpot. I recently discovered a small shop with a handful of foreign beers, and introduced Starry to Chimay. It paired wonderfully with the hotpot, to my surprise.

Next,we walked to a beautiful little coffee shop tucked in a small alley in the middle of downtown. It’s adorned with art, wide-open wooden windows, books, cozy couches, and extravagant coffee and tea drinks.

She ordered the “potted plant” milk tea. (direct translation), and I had a rose latte, upon the server’s recommendation. The atmosphere was the closest I’ve come to a coffee shop in the states. I will gladly return and pay too much for a decorative taste of home.

We spent some time in a bookstore, and then parted ways. It was a dreamy afternoon.

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