sunshine and street food

Formerly about my Peace Corps China days. Currently, haphazard accounts of backpacking SE Asia.

After a much needed day of rest and some quality time with Leo’s family, Leo drove us several hours to Pingtang where we would return to see a family we stayed with just one year ago when Leo took me on my first Guizhou adventure. When we arrived, the nostalgia filled my nostrils. I remembered this small village, Daniao, very well. A very small, very old woman told me she remembered me also. Truth be told, we never met, but it was nice anyhow. She also tried to buy Leo’s walking stick from Ward, playing up the bad hip card. She was mostly toothless and had beautiful eyes, so naturally I was prepared to give her everything.

Soon after lunch, we began a long and usually steep descent into the luscious valley we missed last year due to the rain. WangZhuYi a family member Leo’s age, joined us for the trip, practically running ahead of us on the trail with a giant camera in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He  grew up on this mountain.

We arrived at a pristine mountain spring and decided never to leave. In part because the return climb seemed much more challenging from the base of the mountain. Camp was set up, and preparations for dinner ensued.

Photos thanks to Leo and Ward. You know.